Patients and Doctors

The Science Behind Hot & Cold Therapy

Polar Roll is a revolutionary alternative to pain management. The cylinder-shaped pack can be used both hot and cold to alleviate symptoms related to pain, spasms, inflammation, as well as soreness related to arthritis.

Research findings on cold therapy conclude that both hot and cold therapy have beneficial efficacy for back and neck pain (Heat or Cold Packs for Neck and Back Strain: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Efficacy (Garra, G., Singer, A.J., Leno, R., et al. April 2010).

In another finding, the use of heat for lower back pain was shown to effectively reduce soreness and discomfort in patients that used heat for at least 15 minutes on a daily basis (Superficial heat or cold for low back pain (French S.D., Cameron M., Walker B.F., Reggars J.W., Esterman, A. J. 2010).

Researchers investigating the post-surgical effects of ice/heat therapy concluded that patients were able to recover 1-2 days faster and complained of less pain compared to the subject group without any therapy (The effects of cold therapy in the postoperative management of pain in patients undergoing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (Cohon, B.T., Draeger, R.I., & Jackson, D.W. June, 1989).

The use of ice water and heat has been chronicled throughout history as a means to promote and increase recovery for individuals with muscular injuries. Throughout the years, ice replaced ice water and the evolution of packaging resulted in most manufactures creating thin, flat sheets that could be folded over to fit the need in the injured area. Yet, many of the ice packs out in the market are not intended to be used for neck and back because they do not give the needed muscular support. Polar Roll has modified and improved the outer structure of its ice/heat packs. Polar Roll combines the benefits of cold therapy with a roller in the cylinder-shaped design. When used for lower back, knee, and neck, the shape of the polar roll assists in the muscular posture by creating a natural correct alignment of the spine. Thus, assisting in immediate and future discomfort in the given area. Used for 15-20 minutes the Polar Roll ice/heat pack delivers ongoing relief.

Heat or Cold Packs for Neck and Back Strain: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Efficacy (Garra, G., Singer, A.J., Leno, R., et al., April 2010).

The Polar Roll’s cylinder shape can conform to you easily, so no matter where you need to apply the pack, you can do so in comfort; its cylinder shape aligns with the spine when used on the lower back or neck, and can also be used to help with knee pain. The Polar Roll’s special gel content and fully-insulated cylinder that surrounds it can maintain cold and hot temperatures for long periods of time for continuous relief.

Instructions For Use

For Cold Use

For ideal consistency with cold temperatures, place the Polar Roll in the freezer for 2 hours before using. Wrap the pack in a towel and apply to the desired area; use for 15-20 minutes to achieve ongoing pain relief. When not in use, the Polar Roll can be kept in the refrigerator to maintain cooler temperatures.

For Warm Use

For hot therapy, lay the Polar Roll pack flat in the microwave. Heat the back at full power for at least 35 seconds. After heating, check to see if the pack is at your desired temperature; note that the temperature will continue to rise slightly even after heating. If you would like the pack to be warmer, return it to the microwave to heat in 10-second increments.

Avoid heating the pack for more than one minute at one time, as this may cause the Polar Roll pack to rupture and leak.