About Polar Roll

Polar Roll is revolutionizing the way people manage pain and soreness. Polar Roll is a cylindrical shaped ice pack that conforms to your body and can be used both hot and cold to alleviate pain due to inflammation, muscle soreness, arthritis, or other conditions. This product is made exclusively in the U.S.A. and has a 60 day warranty, excluding product misuse.

USA Made

Why Polar Roll?

Studies have shown that using hot and cold therapy for at least 15 minutes a day can drastically reduce recovery time and can result in less overall pain. The Polar Roll combines hot and cold therapy for the ultimate pain-relief experience.

The Polar Roll’s unique design allows it to conform to your body wherever you need it, whether the soreness is in your neck, lower back, knees, feet, shoulders and more. It’s insulated to ensure it holds whatever temperature you choose to deliver long-lasting relief.


Researchers have concluded that post-surgical effects of ice/heat therapy on patients has helped them recover 1-2 days faster and they complained of less pain then a test group that did no therapy.

The use of ice water and heat has been chronicled throughout history as a means to promote and increase recovery for individuals with muscular injuries. Throughout the years, ice replaced ice water and the evolution of packaging resulted in most manufactures creating thin, flat sheets that could be folded over to fit the need in the injured area. Yet many ice packs out in the market are NOT intended to be used for neck and back because they do not give the muscular support. Polar Roll has modified and improved the outer structure of its ice/heat packs. When used on the low back, neck, or mid back the cylindrical shape assists in muscular posture by creating a natural correct alignment of the spine. The polar roll also fits under the knee and under the arch of your foot perfectly to help with issues such as plantar facistis and more.

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